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Cast Iron 426 Hemi Street Block ID: P500HEMISB
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Maintains the original 4.25" bore size while maintaining water flow
between the cylinders (non siamesed) for the purpose of improved
cooling and sealing durability. As an added feature, if you want
to drop in a Hemi where a Big Block used to be, select the block
that has ears cast and drilled on the sides to accommodate the Big Block engine mounts (P5007669AB).

Full Description

We’ve made the best even better! Mopar Performance Hemi®
engine blocks have undergone revised, updated tooling. They are
machined to closer tolerances than ever, and feature increased
material in the thrust area. Just check out the features:
• 100% CNC machined for accuracy and quality
• Brand-new castings made from high nickel alloy cast iron
• Thicker deck surface for improved rigidity and gasket sealing
• Ductile iron main caps, which are cross-bolted on the 3 center
caps on all the blocks
• Stock 10.72" deck height allows for installation of all standard
• Machined to accept all standard production pieces, such as
heads, manifolds, water pumps, tappets, cams and distributors
• Machined and cast in various configurations to meet your specific requirements.

P5007667AB 426 Hemi Cast Iron Street Block —Rough Bored at 4.19"

P5007668AB 426 Hemi Cast Iron Street Block —Finish Bored at 4.25"

P5007669AB 426 Hemi Cast Iron Street Block —Finish Bored 4.25" Cast/Drilled Ears for Big Block Engine Mount

P5007648AB 426 Hemi Cast Iron Street Block —
No Tappet Machining

P5007670AB Stress-Relieved 426 Hemi Cast Iron Street
Block — Rough Bored at 4.19"
Big Block Engine Mount

Available Options

P5153942AB, Rough Bored at 4.19", $2,713.20
P5155072AB, Finish Bored at 4.25", $2,713.20
P5153943AB, No Tappet Machining, $3,049.50



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