Creating an Account

Creating an Account:
When shopping at Mopar Supercenter you will be creating an account.  This account is a very useful tool for our customers.  The account allows you to maintain your personal information, view order status, review & maintain product wishlists, maintain and edit your vehicle car page, and also view current customer rewards levels.  When you create an account with Mopar Supercenter, you never have to enter your information again during future orders.  Just enter your email and the password you used during the account creation, and your billing and shipping information will be loaded automatically during the next checkout process.

Account Information:
The account information section allows you to maintain your billing and shipping information, and change email address if needed.

Order Status:
This section allows you to view current order status information, and it also maintains a history of past orders placed.  While viewing your order status, you can track packages that are enroute to you or the shipping location you selected.

This section allows you to view items you may have placed into a wish list.  The wish list can be transferred over to an order if you are now ready to make the purchase.  

Customer Rewards:
If you have made a qualifying purchase, there will be a Customer Rewards section available to your account.  This will show the current rewards level you have earned and will be available during the next checkout process.  Let these add up, and use them when your ready.

Protecting Personal Information:
Mopar Supercenter is very sensative to your personal information and is committed to protecting that information that is stored within our system.  One of the reasons we do not maintain credit card account numbers is the high levels of identity theft from online merchants.  We decided that it is more important to our customers that this information is not stored online where potential hackers could retreave such information.   We have put in place safegaurd measures to protect your privacy so you can feel secure and confident while using our web site.  We have also employed secure servers to safegaurd your sensative account information.
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