Why go to your dealer to get your OEM parts?  We are a full operating dealer and can get you ANY Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge parts you need.  Use this program to look up your parts specificaclly for YOUR vehicle and avoid the high prices you would be stuck with at your dealer.   Select Rick Hendrick Jeep Chrysler Dodge with zip code 29406 when setting up your account with MORE and you will have LIVE visibility of our inventory.  Just because we don't have it listed here on MSC doesn't mean it's not on our shelf.



Getting Started:

1:   Click on the large MORE Link located above.  A window will open asking you to Login or Register.
            Click on Register if you are a first time user otherwise enter your username and password.
                                                                   Example Shown Here

2:    Fill out the personal information required to register.
      NOTE:  If you are using this as a personal user and not a company,  BE SURE to enter YOUR name in the "Company Name" Field,  Please enter your e-mail address in the "address 2" field  and be sure to use your primary e-mail address as you will be sent a registration confirmation to the e-mail address you provide
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3:    Now, you will need to add us as your Dealer to get our discounted prices.  
                     Click on "Add Dealer"            Example Shown Here

4:   Select the "Search by OEM" button, Chrysler as the OEM, Type in Rick Hendrick for the Dealer    
   Name, SC for the State, and finally use zip code 29406 to minimize your search results to our store.
NOTE: You must input this information to access our inventory levels and discounted pricing
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5:  Rick Hendrick JCD should be the only dealership that pops up.   Check the box associated and click on "Add Dealers"                                                   Example Shown Here

6: Select us as your "Preferred Dealer"  Click on "Add Dealer"
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7:  In the "Preferred Dealer Setup" pop up window, Check the "Select All Brands" box and hit "Ok"
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8:  Registration complete!  You're Done!  Just click on "Finish". 
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Navigating MORE:

1:   Enter your Full VIN to begin looking up parts.  Or, click on "Quick Links" to find a technical bulletin.
                                                                    Example Shown Here
2:  After you have entered your full VIN, select the group or category the item you are looking for would be in.  Then select "see illustration" for complete breakdown as your dealer would see.
                                                                    Example Shown Here

3:  A "Part Details" window will pop up. This will show you our inventory level, Retail price and YOUR
    price if purchased from us.   Select the "Add to Cart" icon.
NOTE: IF our inventory level shows "0" you can still order.  Most items are NO MORE than 1-4 days lead time before shipping if not in stock.  You will be notified if there is an exception.
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4:  After you have selected Add to Cart,  you will need to close the part illustration window.  Then if you have finished looking up all parts you need,  click on "View Cart" located at the top right.
                                                                    Example Shown Here

5:  You will now see the OEM part number.  Enter this part number into the Mopar Super Center search box to see if it is already listed on the website.  If not,  it is recommended you place a custom order with Mopar Super Center. (simplest way is through Mopar Super Center)  Otherwise you can go ahead and place an order through MORE located at the bottom right of the screen.  You will be contacted shortly with a shipping quote and for credit card information via Phone Call.
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Dodge Nitro chrome sidesteps 2007-2011

Retail Price: $608.00

Online Price: $199.00

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