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Hands-free calling is here! UConnect is the exclusive voice-activated, hands-free, in-vehicle communications system. It encourages safe vehicle operation and doesn't compromise driver control.

Full Description

UConnect allows you to dial your wireless phone through simple voice commands. In addition, UConnect mutes your radio before receiving or sending a call, allows you to store up to 32 names and four numbers per name (128 entries) in the system's phonebook, and is flexible enough for an entire family (up to five phones can be linked to the system). UConnect includes Bluetooth technology that enables your wireless phone to connect to your vehicle without wires or a docking station. This leading
edge technology will allow you to store your wireless phone anywhere in the vehicle.

UConnect Hands-Free System with iPod integration. Control iPod through the radio controls. Kit includes microphone, module& wiring harness.

To utilize your iPod-a separate iPod cable, part number 82211263(not available for 07 vehicles) must be purchased.



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